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HTML | CSS | SASS | GitHub | JavaScript

Collaborated as a team to produce Milk Studios, a fictional apparel e-commerce store, prioritizing sustainability in their products. The website was created using HTML, SASS, JavaScript and GitHub. This project was introduced one month after starting the Technical Web Designer Program at BCIT.


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Milk studios project, collection page, shown on multiple devices. Desktop, laptop, phone and tablet Milk studios project, about, collection item and sign in page shown on phone Milk studios about page Milk studios collection page Milk studios collection item page Milk studios sign in page

Color Scheme





Milk studios website wireframes Milk studios website wireframes Milk studios website wireframes Milk studios website wireframes

Milk Studios. “Milk” was chosen because it had a playful tone, while “studios” was used to create a modern vibe. The term “studio” also conveys the message that it could be a clothing store or something in the creative field.

The goal of the website was to create a clean and contemporary layout, to complement its name. Whitespace and a simple colour palette were used to achieve this. Blue is used throughout the website to symbolize a milk carton.

My role in the project was to create the initial design of the website as well as code the about, collection, sign-in, under-construction and thank you web pages.


A “scroll to top” button was implemented to assist users to navigate to the top of the page.

Milk studios scroll to top button
scroll to top button

From the item page back to the collection page, the user will be able to return to its original location. No need to scroll to find where they left off.

Milk studios collection item page
item page
Milk studios collection page
item page back to the collection page

Note: This was an early project. It was created without the knowledge of PHP. Therefore, the forms are directed to "under construction" or "thank you" pages.

Milk studios under construction page
under construction page
Milk studios thank you page
thank you page

P.S. the product images and descriptions in Milk Studios are from Everlane
About page info from Frank and Oak | American Apparel
About page photos from Unsplash

Created for educational purposes

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