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Collaborated with classmates to develop Merry Me Wedding, a wedding services website for a client. The site is fully customized, using the Underscores starter theme.

Teammates: Sunny, Jay and Frank


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Merry Me Wedding, shown on multiple devices. Desktop, laptop, phone and tablet Merry Me Wedding, services, contact and blog page shown on phone Merry Me home page Merry Me services page Merry Me decor services page Merry Me Blog page Merry Me Blog post

Color Scheme





Merry Me Wedding website wireframes Merry Me Wedding website wireframes Merry Me Wedding website functionality

The goal of the site was to showcase the client’s services and provide an easy way to contact her. Our client also wanted to add a blog page, where she can share her thoughts and ideas. In the future, she will be adding a link to her shop, so we prepared a shop link for her to add whenever it is ready.

For the project, the team was able to decide which clients we wanted. From there we prepared questions and any clarifications we needed for our first meeting. We were mainly listening to the client and their needs, giving suggestions when needed. Afterward, we created a document outlining the scope of the project, making sure we are on the same page.

Once approved, we started working on the wireframes and the coding portion for the functionalities. We also prepared style tiles for the client, sharing the overall feeling of the website.

Merry Me Wedding style tile 01
Style tile version 01
Merry Me Wedding style tile 02
Style tile version 02

We wanted to create a sweet romantic theme within the website to compliment the idea of weddings. One of the client’s requests was to have watercolor elements throughout the page. We did this by using a custom watercolor banner on top and the bottom of all the pages. We also incorporated paint brush strokes throughout to add a crafty vibe as well.

Customized banner and watercolor social media icons were made with photoshop to elevate the theme of the website.

Merry me custom social media icons
Customized social media icons


Brush strokes on hover were added to add a fun element for the user when going through the navigation links. Furthermore, the brush stroke stays on the name of the current page to indicate where the user is.

Merry me custom social media icons
Merry Me navigation bar, with customized banner and brush strokes

Merry Me Wedding was created using WordPress. Since it is a content management system, we added restrictions for the client.

user restrictions
added character limits for the client

The team wanted to design the dashboard in a way where the user can easily edit through her website. We used tools such as the plugin Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) which allows us to increase the ease of use.

Client's dahboard
client's dashboard
adding social media icons using ACF
ACF makes it easy for the client to add social media icons

Added a search functionality to easily filter posts on the blog page.

search results on blog page screenshot
search results example
image not found on search screenshot
post not found page

There was a bug in the navigation bar. When resizing the screen, the mobile menu would appear instead of the desktop. Since jQuery’s slideToggle was used, we needed to remove the inline class it created. matchMedia was used to create a media query within jQuery.

bug on navigation bar
fixed bug on navigation bar
fixed bug code for navigation menu
code used to fix the navigation bar bug

"Lia was my website designer/developer for my wedding website. Lia is always so quick to respond to my emails and was always on time with the deliverables. I am impressed by our meetings as she is always ready with the materials and examples to show me how my website may look like. In addition, when the website is passed over to me, she has taken the extra step to make sure I have videos to show me how to update and revise different aspects of my website. I really appreciate the care Lia has put in without affecting efficiency and delivering on time. The website went above my expectations, and I would definitely recommend working with Lia on your website."

- Joanne, Merry Me Wedding

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